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   Anyone who has ever played Epic Mickey would remember the story. One average night Mickey found Yen Sid's workshop through a magical mirror that led to the forgotten world of Wasteland. Mickey had deviously tampered with the brush and display of the world, causing the Thinner Disaster and creating the blot. Mickey fled before he got caught by Yen Sid who herd all the racket coming from his workshop. Mickey was gone before the wizard could find the person who destroy the world he created. At that very moment Peace in Wasteland was far gone for the many years of torchure to come.

   Those many years of Mickey's success passed by,causing Mickey to forget everything that happened the day of the incident. But one very peculiar morning Mickey was still laying in bed fast asleep until he felt drops of inkand then the blot ripped Mickey out of his bed, through the magical mirror to Yen Sid's workshop, and just before Mickey was sucked into the portal of the forgotten world, he grasped the magic brush he remembered using that dark night. Once he was through the portal, he had only cought a glimpse of the beautiful world he destroyed until he fell to the ground of Dark Beauty Castle, laying there, unconcious. When he had awakened he was strapped down to a table by the Mad Doctor. The Mad Doctor atempted to take Mickey's heart with his contraption , but failed to do so. As Mickey was about to defeat and capture the Mad Doctor, he escapped into his trap door. In the corner of Mickey's eye, he spotted Oswald the Lucky Rabbit hiding behind a machine and watching everything that was happening. Oswald did the same as the Doctor and franticallly ran away. Mickey was all very confused on what was going on and why this was happening to him, but what he didn't know was that his heart was the key to escaping the dreaded world of Wasteland.

   While roaming around in the castle, the leader of gremlins (Gus) ran into Mickey and became friends the moment they found eachother. Gus had been his helper along they whole way of Mickey's journey and their first destination was to find Oswald at Mickeyjunk Mountain to find a way to get back to the real world. Once they met Mickey came face to face with his long lost brother. Mickey new that his brother had hated every inch of him and wanting nothing to do with Mickey. But the brothers came to an agreement of fleeing the world in Tomorrow City's rocket, but first Mickey needed to defeats the three villians to gain each and every piece of the rocket parts to fix the broken machine. While Mickey was on this journey he had met with many of his long lost friend that were sent into Wasteland once they were forgotten. Mickey tried to help fix everything he had possibly done to his friends in need. Once he was able to defeat the villians and gain the pieces, he was told to return back to Mean Street and meet up with Oswald and Gus to get plans straight. But what Mickey and Gus didn't know was that Oswald had other plans in mind...

End of Part 1
Don't worry everyone. This story will get much more exiting. I was just giving you a preveiw of everything before i get to my version of the story.

Story by me, characters by Disney
TruffulaGirl Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Nice!!! Awesomeness at work here!!!
AquaMist101 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
thx glad u like it!
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